Leveraging your resources

leverageOften we feel overwhelmed by the volume of work that we face. That feeling of being swamped, no time for friends or family, and no work life balance. When we get into “go mode” the pace of activity typically limits our ability to leverage our resources. Stop, take time to count your resources, and then maximize the use of them.

Take “Resource” Inventory

You have a ton of resources all around you. The key is to see them and then leverage them. Typical resources include;

  • Technology – are you leveraging the full features of your desktop or corporate applications
  • Other departments – do you understand who should own what tasks and are you holding them accountable for doing their work?
  • Vendors – have your maximized the value that your vendors can give you?
  • Peers – are you equally distributing the workload?

Barriers to Resource Use

The number one barrier to leveraging resources is you! Have you allowed yourself to be the “go to” person? If feels great to have the status and recognition but it typically leads to drowning in work. The second barrier is not understanding task ownership. You may not be the “go to” person but you are not clear about who should own what work. Taking a moment to consider ownership of tasks can be very helpful. The third barrier is simply not taking the time to inventory your resources and fully leveraging them.

Solving the Problem

  1. Stop and take time to write down what resources are truly available to you. Think deeply, and take time to do this well. Build a plan to leverage all of your resources and execute the plan.
  2. Create a task ownership list. This should be a fact-based listing of who (peers, departments, leaders, vendors, etc.) should own what. Decide the best way to change your work volume by shifting the work to those who should own it.

Rinse and Repeat

Taking stock of your available resources and reviewing ownership accountability should be a seasonal or annual task. We get busy and we don’t take the time to re-think our work management process. Taking time to think this through will develop your leadership skills.

Good Leadership

Maximizing resources is a cornerstone skill for leadership. Developing these skills will give you a key business leadership tool that will separate you from the pack.

How are you doing at leveraging resources? Do you have a black and white view of task ownership?

David Reimer


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